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Tergat is the former world record holder in the marathon and Geb is the current record holder. Watch this amazing footage and notice how their lead foot strikes the ground at a negative angle slightly behind the knee. What an impressive display of power!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

60 Year Old Breaks 5 Minutes For One Mile

Accomplished jazz musician Nolan Shaheed, recently became the first 60 year old in history to break 5 minutes for the one mile run indoors ( Shaheed's time of 4:57.06 was faster than the current American outdoor record (4:58.2).

Nolan has been a dominant force in age group track and field middle distances for several years and has set multiple world records, including a 4:26.75 mile in the 50-54 age bracket. Check out this great interview in 2009 at with this incredible athlete/musician.

"I realized that the harder I trained for running, the better I was on the trumpet, so I started training very hard and became an excellent musician, and before I knew it I was running very fast as well."

Even more amazing is his diet! Shaheed had just finished his annual one-month break from running. During that month, he ate only one meal every other day, fasting the days between. Now that he is back to training, he eats one meal a day, with no snacks the rest of the day, just water

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haile Gebrselassie Update

Geb’s next race is a half-marathon in New York in March, but he says he has no plans for his next marathon, apart from saying it will probably be in Europe. “I’ve no idea right now. Sometime after September. The Berlin course I like very much. But the big aim is to save my power ‘til London 2012. Until then, two marathons a year, or less. And keep my speed with 10k’s and half-marathons…. As long as I keep my shape”. -Pat Butcher's blog on marathon world record holder Hallie GGebrselassie,who is now 37 years old.

Is Ryan Hall, who never runs anything other than a marathon every 6 months and one or two half marathons, paying attention? In order to excel at the marathon distance, there is no doubt that sharpening speed at shorter distances is helpful, especially following a couple of sub-par races. I am curious why Ryan continues to ignore what other top marathoners such as Hallie do to remain on top. Hall's PR's are 13:16 for 5K and 28:07 for 10K, slow compared to his marathon PR of 2:06:17. (According to The McMillan Running Calculator, Hall's 2:06:17 translates to 26:55 for 10K and 12:57 5K.)

Ryan is a great runner, but until he or his coach figures out that you need to race and PR at shorter distances, it's very doubtful he'll compete with the best. I hope he proves me wrong.

I'd love to see Hall, Ritz, Tegenkamp, Solinsky, and the rest at the U.S. Cross Country National Championships.

Stretch Those Hip Flexors

picture from

Think about it- runners use their hip flexors every step of the way. Run enough, and over time those muscles get tighter and tighter, which not only shorten stride but also contribute to low back strain, because believe it or not, they insert on the spine. Think about it- where else could a muscle required to lift your leg up be attached?

On top of that, if you routinely sit all day long, your hip flexors are put into somewhat of a permanent "shortened" position.

Tight hip flexors are common among runners and become more of a problem the older we get. The good news is they can be easily stretched several times a day without going the gym!

I found this website called, that illustrates some great ways to stretch your hip flexors. Lauren is a personal trainer from Australia who also happens to play professional volleyball in Europe.

Thanks Lauren!

The New Honda Los Angeles Marathon-Stadium to Sea

Honda Motor has signed a three-year deal to become the first title sponsor in the 25-year history of the Los Angeles Marathon. Honda has been a presenting sponsor of the event since 1995. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The 25th anniversary running of the Honda Los Angeles Marathon is scheduled for March 25 on a newly reconfigured "Stadium to the Sea" race course will begin at Dodger Stadium and finish overlooking the Pacific Ocean near the Santa Monica Pier.

LA Marathon Website

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Training Programs Now Available on iPods!

As much as I discourage listening devices while running (except perhaps on a treadmill), there are lots of you out there that enjoy music and perhaps are looking for a more structured training plan. Check out

2010 Australian Open Previews

Monday, January 25, 2010

Barefoot Running Gaining Popularity

Barefoot-runner Holtum has taken his footwear into his own hands. He makes running sandals out of utility floor mats from Home Depot, polypropylene rope and duct tape. Each pair, which resembles flip-flops with a heel binding, costs him about $2. -Jury still out on whether barefoot running trend is beneficial

Here is just a portion of a post on the topic by by Mark Plaatjes, former 2:08:59 marathoner, physical therapist, and co-founder of the Boulder Running Company. When a customer/patient walks into the store or clinic we ask them to take off their shoes and weight bear one foot at a time. If the longitudinal arch collapses and the navicular bone on the inside of the foot becomes prominent and moves medially toward the ground, no amount of strengthening is ever going to lift that navicular bone. The ligaments cannot support the bones in the normal alignment anymore. It would be irresponsible for me or any of the staff to recommend barefoot/minimalist shoes to these customers. We do have customers who have great mechanics and good foot structure and we certainly place them in the appropriate neutral/minimalist footwear. Our goal is to place the customer in the appropriate footwear and to correct any gait inefficiencies that they may have as well as not to fit them to a shoe that changes their gait.

MY COMMENT: Barefoot running sounds great, but it's not for everybody.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dave's Workout Log for Jan 17-23

AM: 3 miles, then 4 miles. Foot sore later. Can’t handle 7 miles
PM: swim 1,200 easy with pull buoy

AM: a few strides is all
PM: swim 1,200 meter easy with pull buoy

PM: swim 1,800 meter with pull buoy, 4 x 50 with kickboard and zoomer fins
3 miles easy with sumo felt ok

AM: raining out- 20 minutes of back and forth in the driveway, striding out on the slight uphill. First time in quite a while that I did anything but jogging pace. Foot seemed to feel good after about 10 min.
PM: swim 10x100 meters in the pool ave 1:53

AM: jog 3 miles
PM: swim 5 x 200 meters just under 4:00 each

AM: 3 mile jog
PM: Swim 1,000 meters in 19:28 with pullbuoy.

AM: 5 mile jog
PM: swim 15 x 100 m easy

Totals: 23 miles running, 8,900 meters swimming

Heel Spur Update- SOLE Footbed

This morning I jogged 4 miles using SOLE Custom Footbeds. My heel discomfort was hardly noticeable (meaning it was still there). I stretched my foot out for about 5 minutes before and a few minutes after. SOLE inserts are heated then molded to fit your feet. I've been walking in mine daily but have decided I need them for running- they are just not as comfortable as Superfeet but for now I need the added support.

Ultra runner Dean Karnazes has a lighter weight version named after him (Dean Karnazes Signature)

Here is a nice comparison of all SOLE Footbeds. Note the DK+ version is even Nike+ iPod compatible!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heel Pain Update- Run or Lay-Off?

Two weeks I "ran" 30 very easy miles without too much trouble. Last Sunday I decided to test my heel a little and pushed it to 7 miles in 2 runs. On Wed I replaced the usual jog with 20 minutes of almost normal pace x 100 meters, jogging back and going again. While I ran pain free, both of those workouts seemed to flare up my heel pain more than usual later in the day.

Today is Sat and my foot is feeling OK so I did a slow 5 miles on frozen dirt, taking nearly an hour. I didn't notice any discomfort at all until I was 4 miles in.

I've come to the conclusion that to beat this I need to be more focused on treatments such as ice and stretching. I'm staying away from the jump rope (any ballistic trauma like that is not a good idea) and anything fast. I'm also ordering some different inserts (Powerstep Original).

I've been using Superfeet, but I am becoming more convinced that I need additional cushion and slight elevation to relieve stress on a heel spur (I had an x-ray on my left foot in 2002- rereading that radiology report revealed "a prominent plantar calcaneal spur."). I've had no recent symptoms in the left, but suspect I may have that same condition on my right foot as well.

Recently I inserted some slim heel pads with the Superfeet, and while it may be my imagination, I think I've noticed a difference. I'm icing, stretching, and have quit rolling the golf ball under the sore spot. I'll also refrain from any runs beyond 4 miles.

Call me stupid, but I'm determined to beat this without a total layoff from running.

Additional information and reviews on Powerstep here:

Running School for Kids

I love this concept! Some of these before and after clips are remarkable.

The Running School

Gotcher's Marathon Breakthrough

A lot of it was the same, but one thing that really stuck out was the marathon-specific tempos that we were doing. We ran anywhere from 15- to 18-milers out on a road just going one way. That I think helps simulate what you can expect from a marathon, both in the terrain and how you feel.

How often were you doing those tempo workouts that you indicated were so important for your marathon? And when relative to your taper?

I was doing them about every other week. I would do a long tempo one week and then a long run the next week. The last tempo workout I did was about two weeks before the race and that was a 15-mile workout. I got some really nice tempos and some really solid long runs too.
-Brett Gotcher, who ran 2:10:35 at Houston last weekend

-Anatomy of a Breakthrough

MY COMMENT: Consistent high weekly mileage, altitude, the occasional tempo run, and a little track work all added up for Brett. He says he was training at 10,000 feet, much higher and more difficult than at the 7,000 foot threshold considered ideal by most experts.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Running Shoes and Injuries

“We’ve evolved to run on compliant surfaces, not on asphalt or concrete. You run on something hard, your body has to work that much harder to help absorb those forces, and that can lead to stresses and strain, wear and tear, really throughout the whole body.” - Dr. D. Casey Kerrigan, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation (The unglamorous truth about running shoe technologies BY ROME JORGE Lifestyle Editor, Manila Times)

MY COMMENT: More negative press about conventional running shoes, but there is little doubt about the need for protection when running on hard surfaces. Run the trails whenever you can.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haile Gebrselassie Running in Dubai on Friday!

A million dollar awaits the runner who can break the world record in the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon on Friday. This is over and above the $250,000 that one can pocket on winning the event.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dathan Ritzenhein has a Blog!

A friend of mine sent me a link to Dathan Ritzenhein' blog ( Ritz, who DID run for Colorado and is the American record holder at 5,000 meters, provides some candid insight into some (but not all) of his training "secrets". Looks like a ton of talent and the ability to handle a tremendous workload.

The secret may be in how he recovers and remain relatively injury free! Like Lance Armstrong, it looks like Dathan has some interest in triathlons after his running career (future triathlete).

According to Dathan's new website, his next race is the US Cross Country Championships in Spokane Feb 13.

I wish I still lived in Washington!

Brett Gotcher Ran for Stanford - Not Colorado!

A reader just pointed out to me that Gotcher ran for Stanford as a teammate of Ryan Hall, not Colorado. Always check your facts!

Here is a good interview with Gotcher posted a year ago in Runners World. Something tells me his 2:10 will get him some kind of a contract if he doesn't have one already!

Congratulations to Brett and McMillan elite!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lance Vows to do Ironman Hawaii!

"I will be in Kona (the Ironman start and finish town) 15 months after the final Tour (de France) ... if it's 2010, then it will be Kona 2011," Armstrong told AAP.

Sports News - January 17, 2010

Lance will be riding for new sponsor Radioshack in 2010 (

note: After Lance retired from cycling, he ran the New York Marathon twice, including a 2:46:43 in 2007. He can also swim- he finished 4th in the Texas high school state swimming championships in the 1,500 meter freestyle.

Monday Minute with Eric Cressey is a nice resource for endurance athletes looking for training advice including an injury prevention piece called Monday Minute by Eric Cressey, a series short video clips that demonstrate supplemetal exercises you may not be familiar with.

Kastor Wins in Phoenix- Bairu Beats Hall!

Olympic bronze medal winner from 2004 won the P.F. Chang Half Marathon in 1:09:43. Too bad Shalane Flanagan wasn't in the same race!

Canadian Simon Bairu, another of those Jerry Schumacher's Nike runners who competed for the University of Wisconsin, won in 1:02:47. Hall took it out in 9 flat for 2 miles but paid for it later finishing in 1:04:08.

In the marathon, American Jeff Eggelston, who runs for Empire Athletics Management took 6th overall in 2:14:32- his debut at the marathon.

Brett Gotcher- Marathoner!

Training for a marathon, I’ve come to realize, is a life choice. It’s not something you can just do in your spare time or something that you can fake. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day to recover from the physical, mental, and emotional strain you put yourself through. And just when you begin to feel a little better, it’s time to go for another run -Bret Gotcher, who made his marathon debut at Chevron Houston today with a 2:10:36! (McMillanElite)

Chevron Houston Mararthon and Half Marathon Highlights

Six under 2:10! Chevron Houston Marathon is gaining respect around the world as a fast, top-flight race!

Jeff Van Gundy finished in 4:14:29 after hitting the half in 1:59:42! I can't wait to see his next NBA telecast.

Former Colorado Buffalo runner Brett Gotcher (McMillan Elite) debuts in 2:10:36 for 7th!

Nike runner Shalane Flanagan, a bronze medalist in the 10,000 in Beijing now training under former Wisconsin Badger coach Jerry Schumacher, wins her half marathon debut in 1:09:41! What a confidence boost after a sub-par 2009.

Olympics Day 7 - Athletics

Former Minnesota Gopher runner Antonio Vega, who now runs for Team USA Minnesota wins the half marathon in 1:01:54!

Vega's teammate in Minnesota, and former Notre Dame running Patrick Smyth (Smyth recently won the Midnight Run in New York on New Years Eve - 4 miles in 18:35) finished 2nd in the Half, just 7 seconds behind Vega! It's great to see young Americans like these guys running faster! Instant credibility for Team USA Minnesota and coach Dennis Barker!

25 year old Ethiopian Teshome Gelana won the marathon in 2:07:37-

Teyba Erkesso, another Ethiopian, defended her woman's title winning in 2:23:53.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Track Coach With Hip Replacement Running to Raise Funds

The UWSP Track & Field Team will host its 1st Annual Run-a-Thon on Janaury 20th at 3:00 Pm in an effort to raise funds for its operating budget. For the first time in 5 years ??? Coach Witt will attempt to RUN. This will be my 1st attempt since having total hip replacement. I would really appreciate any support that you can give me. Hopefully I won't need any money to replace the replaced hip.

So heres how it works: You pledge and I try to run.

I will attempt to run 25 laps on the indoor track. You can pledge what ever you would like per lap.

Be part of history as I attempt to make my running come-back. Yes I am a lot older than Brett Farve. Help our team to have its most successful year yet.

Your tax deductible gift can be sent to: Thanks to all of you in advance:

Rick Wtt
Track & Field
HEC 109
UW-Stevens Point
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Got a Cold? Take a Sauna

Some researchers suspect sauna heat reduces symptoms because it improves drainage, while others speculate that the high temperatures help weaken cold and flu viruses. Why this might prevent sickness in the first place, however, is unclear. But research suggests an effect. -The Claim: Sitting in a Sauna Can Relieve Cold Symptoms

MY COMMENT: I've got a cold-no fever but I am really stuffed up. Headed out for a slow run, then into Camp Humphreys to toast in the Super Gym sauna!

Endurance Training and Aging

Long-term physical activity has an anti-ageing effect at the cellular level, a German study suggests.

Researchers focused on telomeres, the protective caps on the chromosomes that keep a cell's DNA stable but shorten with age.

They found telomeres shortened less quickly in key immune cells of athletes with a long history of endurance training.
-New German study on long-term effects of physical activity

MY COMMENT: Intuitively, we all know this, but now we are beginning to find out why.

Running Shoes and Arthritis

These findings confirm that while the typical construction of modern-day running shoes provides good support and protection of the foot itself, one negative effect is the increased stress on each of the 3 lower extremity joints. These increases are likely caused in large part by an elevated heel and increased material under the medial arch, both characteristic of today's running shoes. -Running shoes may cause damage to knees, hips and ankles

MY COMMENT: I wouldn't throw away your shoes just yet. It will be interesting to see how the shoe companies respond, if at all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marathon World Record!

2nd Lt. Sophie Hilaire sprints to the finish of the Philadelphia Marathon, setting a Guinness World Record for women by running the Nov. 22 race in 4 hours 54 minutes wearing full battle rattle. (Photo by U.S. Army)

MY COMMENT: I don't think I want to try this. How heavy is a "full battle rattle?"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jeff Van Gundy Running the Chevron Houston Marathon

Celebs and Knicks Players at "Knicks Bowl 2"

Jeff Van Gundy announced during an NBA game yesterday that he is training for the Chevron Houston Marathon and has in fact done 20 miles in training (the race is Jan 17). If you don't know he is, Van Gundy is a former the coach of the Houston Rockets currently working as a broadcaster for TNT NBA games. I can't wait to see how he does and what he has to say after!

Dave's Workout Log for Jan 3-9

I swim with these once a week- they require a little more effort on the pull through!

Aqua Fit Swim Gloves

Jan 3
am..5 mile jog
pm..swim 3 x 400 with the small fins 7:20, 7:24, 7:19 tired

Jan 4

am..2.5 mile jog
pm..2.5 mile jog

Jan 5
am..2.5 mile jog
pm swim, 10 x 100 meter 1:54 ave, 2.5 mile jog

Jan 6

am..4 mile jog
pm..swim 1000 meters with webbed hands

Jan 7
am...3 mile jog
pm..swim 1,500 meters with pull buoy in 29 :20s

Jan 8

am..3 mile jog

Jan 9
am..3 mile jog
pm..3 mile jog

Weekly Total= 31 miles jogging, all very slow in snow, 4,700 meters swimming

Heel pain is still lingering but no worse. I didn't record it this week but most of the time I jump rope for 7-10 minutes before swimming.

No Time for Running? Try Tabata Sprints-

Back in 1996, a team of Japanese researchers led by Izumi Tabata published a study comparing moderately intense training (60 minutes of cycling at 70% VO2 max) to intermittent high intensity training (7-8 sets of 20 seconds at 170% V02 max with only 10 sec recovery). Subjects trained 5 days per week for 6 weeks.

The results? The first group improved their V02 max from an average of 53 ml/kg to 58 ml/kg. Anaeobic capacity did not improve.

The high intensity interval group bettered their V02 by 7 ml/kg, and perhaps not surprisingly their anaerobic capacity increased by an astounding 28%! Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max.

According to What Are Tabata Sprints?, this single study "spawned a specific training method: the Tabata. Quite simple and effective, a Tabata session consists of twenty seconds of maximum output, followed by ten seconds of rest, repeated eight times without pause for a total of four minutes. Any exercise will work (running, cycling, burpees, jump rope, squats, etc.) Doing Tabata sprints is perhaps the most rewarding – and physically taxing – way to spend those four minutes.

I'm not sure Arthur Lydiard would approve, especially when you are in a base-building phase of training, however once you are fit this might be something you could add to boost your anaerobic fitness- perhaps on a bike.

Impressive results for just a 4 minute workout!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1985 Interview - Pat Porter and Craig Virgin

I love looking at footage I can find from my day. I found this at

Pat Porter made 2 US Olympic teams, and won the US XC Nationals an incredible 8 consecutive years in a row (1982-89). Craig Virgin, who ran 8:40 for 2 miles in high school, won the World Cross Country title in 1980 and 1981.

I found it interesting that Porter followed up his long run with 800 intervals the next day. I've always found it very difficult to run hard the day after a long one, but for him I guess it was nothing more than long recovery.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jump Rope Workouts

In response to my recent post about jumping rope, check out

Very comprehensive site including everything you ever wanted to know about jumping rope as a workout. Thanks Frank!

You should also check out his inventory of jump ropes- you'll need a good one once you get serious.

Monday, January 4, 2010

All-Time Marathon List for American Men

1. 2:05:38 Khalid Khannouchi Ossining, NY 30 Flora London GBR 4/14/2002
2. 2:05:56 Khannouchi (2) Ossining, NY 30 Chicago IL 10/13/2002
3. 2:06:17 Ryan Hall (CA) CA 25 London Marathon GBR 4/13/2008
4. 2:07:01 Khannouchi (3) Ossining, NY 28 Bank Chicago IL 10/22/2000
5. 2:07:04 Khannouchi (4) Ossining, NY 35 London Marathon GBR 4/23/2006
6. 2:08:24 Hall (2) Big Bear Lake, CA 24 London Marathon GBR 4/22/2007
7. 2:08:44 Kannouchi (5) Ossining, NY 32 Chicago IL 10/10/2004
8. 2:08:47a Bob Kempainen Minnetonka, MN 27 Boston MA 4/18/1994
9. 2:08:52a Alberto Salazar Eugene, OR 23 Boston MA 4/19/1982
10.2:08:54a Dick Beardsley Excelsior, MN 26 Boston MA 4/19/1982

Is Khannouchi still running? (RunBlogRun features a June, 2009 interview following foot surgery)

See the complete top 100 list at USA Track and Field. Before you take a peak, see if you can guess how many times Americans have dipped under 2:10 and the 100th best time.

All-Time Marathon List for American Women

1. 2:19:36 Deena Kastor Drossin 33 Flora London Marathon GBR 4/23/2006
2. 2:21:16 Drossin (2) Mammoth Lakes, CA 30 Flora London GBR 4/13/2003
3. 2 2:21:21 Joan Benoit Samuelson Freeport, ME 28 America's IL 10/20/1985
4. 2:21:25 Kastor (3) Mammoth Lakes, CA 32 Chicago IL 10/9/2005
5. 2:22:43a Benoit (2) Boston, MA 25 Boston MA 4/18/1983
6. 2:24:52a Benoit (3) Freeport, ME 27 Olympics: Los Angeles CA 8/5/1984
7. 2:26:11 Benoit (4) Watertown, MA 25 Nike OTC OR 9/12/1982
8. 3 2:26:26a Julie Brown Eugene, OR 28 Avon CA 6/5/1983
9. 4 2:26:40a Kim Jones Spokane, WA 32 Boston MA 4/15/1991
10.2:26:53 Drossin (4) Mammoth Lakes, CA 29 Chicago IL 10/13/2002

Eight of the top ten fastest times were either Joan Benoit Samuelson or Deena Kastor (formerly Drossin)

see the rest of the top 100 at USA Track and Field

Patellar Taping

Mueller Jumper's Knee Strap

Patellar tape may reduce malalignment and pain associated with patellofemoral joint OA.

MY COMMENT: Worth a try for all patellar tendon issues.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Rope Jumping for Runners?

With my running miles curtailed, I've been swimming an average of 6-7 days per week, and getting a great cardiovascular workout.

Skipping Footballers

Recently, I've added rope skipping- what a fabulous, highly underrated activity! If I was a high school or college distance coach, I'd be warming up my runners with 10-15 minutes of skipping before workouts.

Since I am a beginner, I've been doing 10 sets of 100 skips- with 30 seconds recovery. Like a beginning runner tackling a run/walk program, I'll be trying to progress by slowing increasing the length of each skipping interval.

Here is a good summary of reasons why every runner should consider adding rope skipping to their weekly routine (

I'd add that it's also a great aerobic workout and a good way to strengthen muscles and supporting tissues below the knee-including arches, feet, achilles, and calf muscles, perhaps decreasing risk of injury.

This is one additional activity besides swimming, running, and biking that I plan to stick with!

The 15 Laws of Training

according to Tim Noakes MD, a South African and author of the thickest book on running you'll ever see - The Lore of Running

1. Train frequently, all year-round*

2. Start gradually and train gently*

3. Train first for distance, only later for speed*

4. Don't set your daily training schedule in stone*

5. Alternate hard and easy training

6. At first, try to achieve as much as possible on a minimum of training

7. Don't race when in training or run at race pace for distances above 16 km*

8. Specialize*

9. Incorporate base training and peaking (sharpening)

10. Don't overtrain*

11. Train with a coach

12. Train the mind*

13. Rest before a big race*

14. Keep a detailed logbook

15. Understand the holism of training


MY COMMENT: Lots of valuable information in the article. I like his take on the Science of Sharpening

so runners' bodies tell them when they are sharpening correctly.

◙ During the speed-training sessions, the body no longer needs to be forced through the session. Rather the body "surges forward at its own will" and "thirsts to accelerate."

◙ In the hour following training, the runner feels supreme vigor, quite unlike the normal post-exercise feelings of mild fatigue.

◙ Everyday physical activities, such as climbing stairs, become easier.

◙ The runner becomes increasingly sensitive to everyday situations and is mildly irritable as the body is "prepared for action and is ready for the fight."

◙ As the body becomes flooded with previously latent energy, a heightened sexual awareness is often evident.

Be Kind to Your Dog- Order Musher's Secret Paw Protector Wax!

In the winter, Sumo sometimes has trouble with ice and snow sticking in between his toes- no more! I've ordered Musher's Wax- a must for dogs who run in the winter!