Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heel Pain Update- Run or Lay-Off?

Two weeks I "ran" 30 very easy miles without too much trouble. Last Sunday I decided to test my heel a little and pushed it to 7 miles in 2 runs. On Wed I replaced the usual jog with 20 minutes of almost normal pace x 100 meters, jogging back and going again. While I ran pain free, both of those workouts seemed to flare up my heel pain more than usual later in the day.

Today is Sat and my foot is feeling OK so I did a slow 5 miles on frozen dirt, taking nearly an hour. I didn't notice any discomfort at all until I was 4 miles in.

I've come to the conclusion that to beat this I need to be more focused on treatments such as ice and stretching. I'm staying away from the jump rope (any ballistic trauma like that is not a good idea) and anything fast. I'm also ordering some different inserts (Powerstep Original).

I've been using Superfeet, but I am becoming more convinced that I need additional cushion and slight elevation to relieve stress on a heel spur (I had an x-ray on my left foot in 2002- rereading that radiology report revealed "a prominent plantar calcaneal spur."). I've had no recent symptoms in the left, but suspect I may have that same condition on my right foot as well.

Recently I inserted some slim heel pads with the Superfeet, and while it may be my imagination, I think I've noticed a difference. I'm icing, stretching, and have quit rolling the golf ball under the sore spot. I'll also refrain from any runs beyond 4 miles.

Call me stupid, but I'm determined to beat this without a total layoff from running.

Additional information and reviews on Powerstep here:

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