Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heel Spur Update- SOLE Footbed

This morning I jogged 4 miles using SOLE Custom Footbeds. My heel discomfort was hardly noticeable (meaning it was still there). I stretched my foot out for about 5 minutes before and a few minutes after. SOLE inserts are heated then molded to fit your feet. I've been walking in mine daily but have decided I need them for running- they are just not as comfortable as Superfeet but for now I need the added support.

Ultra runner Dean Karnazes has a lighter weight version named after him (Dean Karnazes Signature)

Here is a nice comparison of all SOLE Footbeds. Note the DK+ version is even Nike+ iPod compatible!


  1. Hi, Matt from SOLE here, thanks for your post. Do you have any suggestions on how to make our footbeds more comfortable? Which model were you using? If it was Softec Regular, you might want to try Softec Ultra as they have more cushioning.

  2. Thanks Matt- I was using those red ones- they are sold at the military
    clothing store here in Korea. I'll check into your Ultras.