Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hamstring Stretching!

Keeping your other foot against the wall is key!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saunas May Improve 5K Time!

We conclude that 3wk of post-exercise sauna bathing produced a worthwhile enhancement of endurance running performance, probably by increasing blood volume.- results of a study that involved runners spending an average of 31 min in a sauna following a run on 12 occasions over 3 weeks. The test was a 15 min run to exhausion at 5K pace. Effect of post-exercise sauna bathing on the endurance performance of competitive male runners

Spending time in a sauna is not the ideal way to acclimatize for hot weather running, but according to this small study it may benefit peformance. I'm headed to Phuket on Thanksgiving day and  running a 6K on Sunday, so between now and then I will hit the sauna a few times. Looks like it as long as I stay hydrated, it can't hurt.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Coaches: How to Make Your Kids Run Faster!

 The introduction of a female observer caused a significant decrease in RPE (Ratings of Perceived Exertion) , whereas the introduction of a male observer caused a significant increase in RPE compared to the control trial.  -Observer effects on the rating of perceived exertion and affect during exercise in recreationally active males.
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Part XIII MY COMMENT: Imagine lowering perceived exertion with no additional training!  The problem is, how do you take advantage of women spectators without it having the same effect on your competitiors.  Somebody needs to take a look at the effect of having them cheering individual names. 

I am also curious if how they dress makes a difference, if men observers would have the same effect on women runners, and if a lower perceived exertion actually translates to faster times.