Sunday, January 27, 2013

Single Leg Squat Progression for Increasing Leg Strength

MY COMMENT: I like the progression here dropping to some lower seated positions. Give it a try!

Eat More Fruit

Michael Arnstein, a.k.a. "The Frutarian", provides a glimpse at his unusual lifestyle and fruit based diet. Check out his ultra race results here- pretty impressive. MY COMMENT: All I can say is that I find this facinating and my fruit intake has probably tripled since I started reviewing Arnsein's youtube videos.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Running with Cancer: Ken Martin

Ken Martin is a former 2:09 marathon and 2 time national champion. This is a must watch video!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Should Runners Eat?

15 Healthiest Food For Runners from

Add to your cart: Almonds

Add to your cart: Eggs

Add to your cart: Sweet potatoes

Add to your cart: Whole-Grain Cereal with Protein

Add to your cart: Oranges

Add to your cart: Canned Black Beans

Add to your cart: Mixed Salad Greens

Add to you cart: Salmon
Add to your cart: Whole-Grain Bread

Add to your cart: Frozen Stir-fry Vegetables

Add to your cart: Whole-grain Pasta

Add to your cart: Chicken

Add to your cart: Frozen Mixed Berries

Add to your cart: Dark Chocolate

Add to your cart: Low-fat Yogurt

Monday, January 7, 2013

Meb Keflezighi's Gym Workout

1. KICKING TOE TOUCHES, SIDE LEG SWINGS, STANDING KNEE RAISES: Keflezighi begins his workouts with some dynamic standing exercises that hit the hip flexors, hip extensors, adductors and abductors.

2. BICYCLES AND SCISSORS: Lying on his back with his hips elevated (his hands supporting his lower back), Keflezighi completes a series of exercises including bicycles, scissors, and touching his feet to the ground behind his head.

3. SUPERMANS: Lying face down, lifts legs off the ground, alternating right leg/left arm raised and left leg/right arm raised; rolls side to side.

4. PUSH-UPS: Completes sets of full push-ups multiple times throughout workout.

5. PLANKS: Multiple positions: On elbows facing down, on elbows or straight arms facing up (reverse planks), alternates bent knees toward chest from reverse plank position, on side with and without leg lifts.

6. CRUNCHES: Multiple styles: Regular, crossover (oblique), Russian twist holding medicine ball (sits with feet on the floor, knees bent holding ball in front, leans back 45 degrees and twists side to side from the waist).

7. PIKE SIT-UPS: Extends arms above head while lying on floor, legs straight, facing up. Lifts legs and arms simultaneously, hands reaching to touch feet. Slowly lowers arms and legs to starting position.

-Runners World

Minimalist Footwear Improves Running Economy

If you haven't yet, check out runblogger, who recently cited a study out of Ireland that found an 8% improvement in running economy after 4 weeks in Vibram Fivefingers .

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Run the Tangents! Rod Dixon Outsmarts Geoff Smith at New York

Great marathon advice from Rod Dixon, one of the most versitle runners of all time, who also won bronze in the 800 meters in Munich.