Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dave's Workout Log for Jan 3-9

I swim with these once a week- they require a little more effort on the pull through!

Aqua Fit Swim Gloves

Jan 3
am..5 mile jog
pm..swim 3 x 400 with the small fins 7:20, 7:24, 7:19 tired

Jan 4

am..2.5 mile jog
pm..2.5 mile jog

Jan 5
am..2.5 mile jog
pm swim, 10 x 100 meter 1:54 ave, 2.5 mile jog

Jan 6

am..4 mile jog
pm..swim 1000 meters with webbed hands

Jan 7
am...3 mile jog
pm..swim 1,500 meters with pull buoy in 29 :20s

Jan 8

am..3 mile jog

Jan 9
am..3 mile jog
pm..3 mile jog

Weekly Total= 31 miles jogging, all very slow in snow, 4,700 meters swimming

Heel pain is still lingering but no worse. I didn't record it this week but most of the time I jump rope for 7-10 minutes before swimming.

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