Monday, January 18, 2010

Chevron Houston Mararthon and Half Marathon Highlights

Six under 2:10! Chevron Houston Marathon is gaining respect around the world as a fast, top-flight race!

Jeff Van Gundy finished in 4:14:29 after hitting the half in 1:59:42! I can't wait to see his next NBA telecast.

Former Colorado Buffalo runner Brett Gotcher (McMillan Elite) debuts in 2:10:36 for 7th!

Nike runner Shalane Flanagan, a bronze medalist in the 10,000 in Beijing now training under former Wisconsin Badger coach Jerry Schumacher, wins her half marathon debut in 1:09:41! What a confidence boost after a sub-par 2009.

Olympics Day 7 - Athletics

Former Minnesota Gopher runner Antonio Vega, who now runs for Team USA Minnesota wins the half marathon in 1:01:54!

Vega's teammate in Minnesota, and former Notre Dame running Patrick Smyth (Smyth recently won the Midnight Run in New York on New Years Eve - 4 miles in 18:35) finished 2nd in the Half, just 7 seconds behind Vega! It's great to see young Americans like these guys running faster! Instant credibility for Team USA Minnesota and coach Dennis Barker!

25 year old Ethiopian Teshome Gelana won the marathon in 2:07:37-

Teyba Erkesso, another Ethiopian, defended her woman's title winning in 2:23:53.

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