Saturday, January 30, 2010

60 Year Old Breaks 5 Minutes For One Mile

Accomplished jazz musician Nolan Shaheed, recently became the first 60 year old in history to break 5 minutes for the one mile run indoors ( Shaheed's time of 4:57.06 was faster than the current American outdoor record (4:58.2).

Nolan has been a dominant force in age group track and field middle distances for several years and has set multiple world records, including a 4:26.75 mile in the 50-54 age bracket. Check out this great interview in 2009 at with this incredible athlete/musician.

"I realized that the harder I trained for running, the better I was on the trumpet, so I started training very hard and became an excellent musician, and before I knew it I was running very fast as well."

Even more amazing is his diet! Shaheed had just finished his annual one-month break from running. During that month, he ate only one meal every other day, fasting the days between. Now that he is back to training, he eats one meal a day, with no snacks the rest of the day, just water

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