Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dave's Workout Log for Jan 17-23

AM: 3 miles, then 4 miles. Foot sore later. Can’t handle 7 miles
PM: swim 1,200 easy with pull buoy

AM: a few strides is all
PM: swim 1,200 meter easy with pull buoy

PM: swim 1,800 meter with pull buoy, 4 x 50 with kickboard and zoomer fins
3 miles easy with sumo felt ok

AM: raining out- 20 minutes of back and forth in the driveway, striding out on the slight uphill. First time in quite a while that I did anything but jogging pace. Foot seemed to feel good after about 10 min.
PM: swim 10x100 meters in the pool ave 1:53

AM: jog 3 miles
PM: swim 5 x 200 meters just under 4:00 each

AM: 3 mile jog
PM: Swim 1,000 meters in 19:28 with pullbuoy.

AM: 5 mile jog
PM: swim 15 x 100 m easy

Totals: 23 miles running, 8,900 meters swimming

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