Sunday, July 29, 2018

Workout Summary July 16-22

Total Miles = 50.4
Long Run = 8 miles
Quality Miles = 15 total 
Moderate Miles= 9 total  , 
Other:  5 swim workouts

Mon 4 miles @ 7:40s on roads
Tues 16x100m, 8x200m, 4x400m, 8x200m, 16x100m intervals ave 6:13 per mile on turf
Wed hills- 2 miles hard
Thurs 5K @ 7 min pace very hot on bike trail
Fri 8 slow miles
Sat 5 miles of various sub 8 min pace on trails
Sun 5 miles just over 7 min pace in the heat on turf

Comments:  Heat heat heat!  More time in the shade, shorter distances, intervals with water breaks.  Disappointed the 5K on Wed and 5 mile on Sun were not a little faster.

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