Sunday, July 29, 2018

Workout Summary July 23-29

Total Miles Run = 47.2
Long Run = 7
Quality Miles = 14  (sub 7 min pace or hills)
Moderate Miles= 4 

Mon .1 x 10 strides
Tues 3 x 1 mile 6:20s;  
Wed  6 x 800m 3:30s very hot!
Thurs .1 mile x 20 6:30s per mile ave   
Fri  5K hard 6:57 pace very hot!
Sat:  16x100m, 8 x 200m, 4x400m intervals 6:26 per mile ave;
Sun .22 mile x 13 just under 7 min pace ave on dirt in the shade

Other:  5 swim workouts

Comments:  I've abondoned longer runs for now and am trying for higher quality most if not every day by adding .1 mile strides and short intervals.  Ran the same 5K as last week 11 sec faster but still very slow

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