Monday, January 7, 2013

Meb Keflezighi's Gym Workout

1. KICKING TOE TOUCHES, SIDE LEG SWINGS, STANDING KNEE RAISES: Keflezighi begins his workouts with some dynamic standing exercises that hit the hip flexors, hip extensors, adductors and abductors.

2. BICYCLES AND SCISSORS: Lying on his back with his hips elevated (his hands supporting his lower back), Keflezighi completes a series of exercises including bicycles, scissors, and touching his feet to the ground behind his head.

3. SUPERMANS: Lying face down, lifts legs off the ground, alternating right leg/left arm raised and left leg/right arm raised; rolls side to side.

4. PUSH-UPS: Completes sets of full push-ups multiple times throughout workout.

5. PLANKS: Multiple positions: On elbows facing down, on elbows or straight arms facing up (reverse planks), alternates bent knees toward chest from reverse plank position, on side with and without leg lifts.

6. CRUNCHES: Multiple styles: Regular, crossover (oblique), Russian twist holding medicine ball (sits with feet on the floor, knees bent holding ball in front, leans back 45 degrees and twists side to side from the waist).

7. PIKE SIT-UPS: Extends arms above head while lying on floor, legs straight, facing up. Lifts legs and arms simultaneously, hands reaching to touch feet. Slowly lowers arms and legs to starting position.

-Runners World

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