Friday, May 6, 2011

Workout Update

At the end of the 5th week post marathon, training is beginning to gain some focus. After a week off, and for no particular reason I've gone through a couple of different phases.

- 25-30 minute tempo runs: These felt great- short workouts, quick pace
- 400 meter repeats: Done on a straight road, I want to work on improving speed. Usually 8-10. I started with 90 and have worked down to 84-85.

-Long repeats: I just started in on these this week. 4 x 800 early in the week on the track (under 2:50 ave) then 4 x 1 mile today averaging 5:58.

-cross training: I am back on the bike and in the pool for some short (some intense) workouts.

All I need are some consistent weekend long runs and I will begin looking at races.

I post everything The Daily Mile, although sometimes I get mixed up because it's Friday here and I cannot post workouts immediately to Daily Mile because it's only Thursday in the states.

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