Monday, May 16, 2011

Sammy Wanjiru Dead at 24

The distance running community has just been rocked with a terrible tragedy.

Sammy Wanjiru, the 24 year-old Kenyan Olympic marathon champ, and in's opinion the greatest marathoner to ever live, has died tragically in Kenya after a fall from a balcony at his home.

Sammy had a brilliant, but short career.

12/2/2007 Fukuoka Marathon 2:06:39 1

4/13/2008 London Marathon 2:05:24 2

8/24/2008 Beijing Olympic Marathon 2:06:32 1

4/26/2009 London Marathon 2:05:10 1

10/11/2009 Chicago Marathon 2:05:41 1

4/25/2010 London Marathon DNF

10/10/2010 Chicago Marathon 2:06:24 1

Watch more video of 2010 Chicago Marathon on

Watch this clip of Sammy winning the Chicago Marathon last fall- the heart of a champion! What a terrible loss.

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