Saturday, February 12, 2011

Workout Update

Sumo has been a faithful running buddy since October 1998!

I guess I need to use my garmin for every run and enter it into I don't see a way to enter post dated miles.

This was another very good week for me.

Sun: 3 miles with Sumo, then I did 2 laps around Camp Humphreys hard, finishing up 10 miles at 67 minutes. Felt good. 13 miles, 10 under 7 min/mile

Mon: I was pleasantly surprised that there was no soreness today. I did an easy 2 in the morning and after work with Sumo. 4 miles total

Tues: 2 miles with Sumo, then 5 miles at the outdoor track. Running on the artifical turf I averaged 6:20s for the first 3 but each mile was progressively slower as leg fatigue set in. Normally I would have just shut in down and jogged some more but wanted to see how my legs would feel pushing it for 2 more. I took no more than 3-4 minutes to remove a layer of sweats and reeled off 2 miles on the track under 12 minutes, only feeling tired on the last lap. I can't explain how I was able to come back so well. 7 miles total, 5 under 7 min/mile, 2 under 6 min/mile.

: 2 miles with Sumo, then 8 miles in 55 minutes. Felt pretty good but I had to push pretty hard the last mile, especially against a moderate wind to keep it under 7 min pace. Another long tempo in the books! 10 miles, 8 under 7 min/mile

Thurs: 2 miles with Sumo, then 6 miles easy in about an hour.

Fri: 2 miles with Sumo, then 4 x 800 on the rice paddy roads near my place. All were run within 1-2 seconds either side of 3 minutes with 1:40 rest. I had to run nearly flat out to hit my target, and cannot explain why the track is so much easier (I use the GPS there also). I will remeasure this distance one more time and hope it's a little long. All I know is on these road 800s I have to dig much deeper and breathing becomes a limiting factor. On the track, leg fatigue plays a greater role. 4 miles with 2 under 7 min/mile and 6 min per mile

Sat: 2 miles with Sumo, then 16 miles in 2 hr 19 min. Legs were beat but that's the purpose! I had intended on giving a shot at 15 miles under 7 min but threw that idea out the window with wind chill in the single digits this morning. Can't wait to see how my legs recover. 18 total miles.

Total for the week was 64 miles, with 25 miles under 7 min per mile and 4 at 6 min per mile.


  1. 64 miles with 25 of them <7:00
    sounds very promising for your sub 3 hour goal.

    Robert Wildes

  2. I think so- the long run was still tough though- I keep hoping it's because I am not fully rested.