Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Workout Log Jan 9-15

Sun: 2 with Sumo, then 10 miles in 73 on the indoor Supergym track, 2 mile jog. Too windy to get a decent workout outside, so I just made up my mind to run 10 indoors. This track is 10 laps to the mile with very tight turns so not a bad workout. 120 laps is probably not a good idea to repeat too often though.

Mon: 2 mile jog with Sumo, then 5 x 150 meters swim

Tues: 3 mile jog with Sumo, then 3 miles in 19:30s on the indoor track again.

Wed: 11.5 miles - a few inches of snow fell overnight so this was a long very easy jog on poor footing that I enjoyed. My legs felt fresh after 2 low mileage days. pm: 5 x 150 meter swim

Thurs: 6.5 miles

Fri: 3 mile with Sumo and still fighting off a cold.

Sat: 2.7 miles with Sumo, then 15.3 miles in 2 hr 14. Not feeling very good but got in the miles. Spent my entire Sunday in bed recovering.

Total for the week = 59 miles

Comments: I have a cold, the weather has been rough at times, and my hamstring is still not 100%- in other words I still feel it and must be cautious running sub 7 min miles. In other words,things are not going well for my marathon preparation (March 20). My weekly totals are not bad, but I am sorely lacking quality workouts. All I can do is keep plugging along and hope to get through this bad stretch.

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