Monday, January 10, 2011

Workout Log Jan 2-8

Sun: 8 miles slow, swim workout
Mon: 8.5 miles slow, short bike
Tues: 5 miles slow, swim workout, pm: 1.5 miles
Wed: 9 miles slow
Thurs: 9.5 miles slow, swim workout (5 x 150 meters)
Fri: 3 miles, then 15 x .2 miles under 7 min pace, 2 mile cooldown (8.5 miles total)
Sat: 3 miles slow pm: swim (5 x 150 meters)

Total for the week= 53 miles

Despite a slight hamstring problem (caused by stretching) I was able to get in several easy runs. Finally on Friday I felt able to do something other than slow jogging. I found a .2 mile clear stretch of back road near my house (most back roads are snow and ice covered). Despite 3 degrees F in the early morning I did 15 x .2 mile with about 30 sec recovery- I didn't time them - too cold to check the watch! I did peek at the GPS and noticed that most of the time my speed hit 6:40s, enough to wake up some muscle fibers that have not been used for a while!

This wasn't a great week, but not a bad one either- when you run very slow you spend more time on your feet. It's almost like altitude training- you can get very fit (endurance)with high volume slow running but you won't run fast until you get back into doing some quality.

I've gotten back into the pool hoping to make up for the lack of intensity with some quality anaerobic work- it will take a couple of weeks to get back some of the upper body fitness I've lost so I can hold the intensity.

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