Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zach Gingerich Wins Badwater-Who?

As prolific and speedy an ultra runner as Gingerich is, he probably couldn’t have chosen a tougher path to fame. And by all accounts, that’s not what he’s after. Since Gingerich didn’t have a listed phone number or e-mail address, Paske had to write a letter in care of his employer, Office Max in Naperville, Ill.

He responded with a short e-mail saying, “I'm probably not all that interesting,” but then agreed to an interview.

In the resulting profile, Gingerich said, “I’m not really structured when it comes to my training.” Though he runs 130 to 200 miles a week on flat terrain, he also drinks two liters of Diet Coke daily, never water.
-Zach Gingerich - just a guy from Naperville - wins the 2010 Badwater Ultramarathon

Not familiar with Badwater? Recognized globally as "the world's toughest foot race," this legendary event pits up to 90 of the world's toughest athletes—runners, triathletes, adventure racers, and mountaineers—against one another and the elements. Covering 135 miles (217km) non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA in temperatures up to 130F (55c)

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