Monday, July 12, 2010

How Many Calories do Tour de France Riders Need?

Guys like Lance Armstrong actually eat about six times during a race day. They eat breakfast, a pre-race meal, during the race, a post-race meal, dinner and a bedtime snack. Add it all up, and it's about 9,000 calories, washed down with at least a gallon of water and more than a gallon of energy drink.

Breakfast: includes a banana, a third of a pound of pasta (weight is uncooked), a third of a pound of muesli (a carbohydrate-rich cereal), a croissant, a half-pound of mixed fruit, 10 ounces of orange juice, eight ounces of coffee, and eight ounces of water.

etc, etc, etc. Facinating article by Dan Peterson of!

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