Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ryan Hall Prepares for Big Race in Boston

The next day we went to Boston to check it out. Once we saw it, we realized we hadn’t really done anything back home to get ready for that type of course. It was really helpful. I’m glad we went and took a look at it, because it allowed us to come back here and make some changes.

We’re doing some longer tempo runs. I’d say the quality’s getting better. My overall mileage is about the same as it’s always been. But whereas before, I’d do a couple 12-mile tempo runs and a 15-mile tempo run, this time I’ve already done two 15-mile tempo runs, I’ve already done an 18-mile tempo run, and I’ll do another 18-mile tempo run and another 15-mile tempo run, and I’ve also done a couple 12-milers. -Ryan Hall interviewed by Running Times

MY COMMENT: Interesting they weren't familiar with the Boston course until recently. Hall seems to thrive on those long faster than marathon pace tempo runs.

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