Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brian Sell Looking Forward to Boston

I ran 155 [miles] this week and hope for the same next week. I’m going to peak out at about 160 and then start coming down.

“A long run, two days recovery, a workout, two days recovery, a tempo, two days recovery, etc.,” he recounts. That’s an average of some 22 miles per day, 13 workouts each week, if you’re keeping score at home, and the heart of a Hansons-directed formula that has brought Sell this far
- universal sports

MY COMMENT: Brian Sell never broke 10 minutes for 3,200 meters in high school. He isn't blessed with natural talent of a Hall or Ritz, but watch for another good race in Boston (Sell got 4th 2006). He may not run 2hr 07 min, but weather permitting he might get under 2hr 10.

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