Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marathon Legends- Derek Clayton

"Through miles and miles of training, I honed my leg action to such a degree that I barely lifted my leg off the ground." - Derek Clayton

Derek Clayton of Australia became the first marathoner to break the 2 h 10 min barrier when he ran 2:09:36 in 1967. He was also first to break 2 hr 09 min clocking 2:08:33 in Antwerp, a world record that went unchallenged for 12 years. Known for high intensity, high mileage training, the oft injured Clayton underwent 7 different surgeries during his 12 year running career.

Here is a second hand look at his training program:

This is what Noakes has as a typical Clayton training week. From memory it's fairly similar to what Clayton listed in his book.

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday 8-11km easy 27km fast
Tuesday 8-11km easy 19km medium
Wednesday 8-11km easy 22km fast hills
Thursday 8-11km easy 22km fast hills
Friday 8-11km easy 16km easy
Saturday 7km easy 40km in 2.20
Sunday 27-32km hills 16km medium

:) Total around 240-250km/week. (that's 150-156 miles)

At 6'2", Derek Clayton was hardly a prototype marathoner- he just trained very very hard.



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