Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Frank Shorter Has Osteoarthritis

X-rays showed that the cartilage in both Shorter's knees had worn down. In his right knee, the cartilage was almost completely gone -- not because of all the miles he'd logged, Shorter's doctors told him, but because osteoarthritis runs in the Shorter gene pool. (People with arthritis are actually encouraged to exercise to keep their joints mobile).

What got Shorter back on the roads of Boulder -- he moved there in 1974 because it was the only U.S. city above 5,000 feet with an indoor track -- were injections of Hyalgan, the brand name of a compound that comes from rooster combs and restores the cartilage in the knee. (Shorter has since become a spokesman for Hyalgan.)

"My right knee still makes all sorts of noise," Shorter says. "It's ugly, but I don't have any pain."

MY COMMENTS: If you suffer from osteoarthritis, go to the Hyalgan website for additional information on this procedure.

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