Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will Alan Webb Make The Olympic Team?

Holder of the American record for the mile, Alan Webb has not looked sharp in any races leading up to the Olympic Trials, which kick off this Friday. Then again, Webb has never run very well when it's counted- Olympics or World Championships.

These quotes pretty much say it all- Webb and his coach Scott Raczko are groping for answers on how to taper and peak for an important competition. He could very well run great in August and September but not be on the Olympic team.

He hadn't planned to wait so long to open his season but made the decision to back off in training when he felt the hard work he was doing had become counterproductive.

"Eventually, I got to the point where I just hit it so hard I got to this plateau," Webb said. "Then, eventually, you start coming down the other side.

"That's pretty much what happened. So I said, 'All right. Chill out. I've got some time.' I didn't ever really stop running. It was more like I chilled out for a couple weeks, sort of medium-hard training. All that stuff I was doing before, I'm going to gain that back. I still have that base there."
-The Oregonian

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