Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frank Shorter's View on Training

"My simple, basic theory involves running very easily--at what I call conversational pace--75-90 percent of the time. Integrate short, fast interval training at 5k race pace if you want to run faster. If you want to run a marathon, add a long run once a week working up to at least two hours (20 miles if you're very serious)." -Frank Shorter, who self-coached himself to 2 Olympic marathon medals.

Several years ago I had the opportunity to hear Frank speak at a clinic. As I recall, he said the same thing:

-Run an anaerobic interval session about every 3 days.
-Run 2 hours or 20 miles once a week, whatever threshold you hit first.
-The rest of the time run as many easy miles as your body can handle.

The lesson? Don't get so caught up in the technical aspects of training that you lose focus on the basics.

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