Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is Alan Webb's Diet The Problem?

They order stacks of pizzas and boxes of chicken wings, and Webb can often be found planted in the middle, grease dripping from his hands.

"You would think, he's some world-class athlete, he eats like brown rice and grilled chicken," Zak said. "But nah, he'll eat like the greasiest Chinese food, and he'll eat like ice cream and cookies. He loves McDonald's. We went to Five Guys the other night. He ate a cheese steak with me a couple hours ago. He eats whatever he wants."

Rudd has marveled in the past when Webb has polished off an entire box of Entenmann's cookies in one sitting. "Alan could be sponsored by Entenmann's,"
-Washington Post

Here are comments on the article by Webb's girlfriend Julia Rudd-

As far as diet goes, Alan knows what works best. He went the ultra healthy disciplined route in previous years and it did not work. He does a great job getting a base of "healthy" stuff - fruits, good protein, dairy, etc.. but when you work out for 6 hours in a day, the most important thing is just getting the calories so you can come back strong the next day. Obviously its going to be hard to get in thousands of calories if you are only eating steamed broccoli and rice.

You have got to be kidding. You would think NIKE, who pays Webb $250,000 a year, could send a sports dietitian over to work with this guy. Diet plays a huge role in athletic performance, and when Webb finally realizes that maybe he will start running a little more consistent. He's been eaten alive in every race he's run this year despite his talent. Something is not working, and after reading this, if I were his coach diet is the first place I'd start looking.

Next thing I'd do is take him in for a physical starting with blood pressure and a lipid panel. Running won't protect your health from a diet like the one described here.
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  1. That is why you are not his coach. If you get a dietitian out there they are going to agree with what he is already doing. First he eats "good" stuff first, second he eats "bad" stuff but he needs the full. Fat is good when you workout at his level. You notice he tried different more "healthy" diets and didn't find success. Please if you were his coach he probably never would have cracked 4:20.

  2. i agree that he could definetely better things to eat than junk food and five guys. and you can get enough calories even if you were on a raw diet. you just have to look in the right place. 15 bananas equals 1500 calories. maybe instead of eatting a bunch of cookies you could try out some fruit.

    1. Yes, yes, yes. Hell yes. Raw fruits and veggies is where it's at.