Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kara Goucher Interview

We're going to go in really tired. We have a really hard long run today (Monday, two days ago), and we're asked to keep our mileage up at an all-time high through the week this week. So we're going in with really tired legs. We don't have great flights. We get in pretty late, like 11:30 at night Friday. So for us, it's really just a dress rehearsal of what it feels like to run the second half of a marathon tired. Certainly, none of us are going to run PRs, but it's more just practicing being tired, what that feels like. We're going to have our fluids set up. It's very different than I've ever approached a half-marathon before, because I've always gained a lot of confidence from running a good fast half, whereas that's really not the goal this time. The goal is to run a decent one extremely tired and know that when I'm rested, I can go twice the distance.

MY COMMENT: Goucher will be running a half in Miami this weekend along with Shalane Flanagan.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to go into a half marathon less than 100% just a few weeks away from the Olympic Trials- If she runs great, no problem, but a poor showing will do nothing for her confidence level, not to mention what it will do to her recovery. A hard 13 mile run while tired is easy to implement in training- for me a race is the place to evaluate whether or not your training is working- so you should be rested.

I'm a bit surprised with what she had to say about the difference in training programs between Salazar and Schumacher. Hopefully it works out.

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