Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gerry Lindgren Facebook Quotes

When you are in REALLY GOOD shape, do things nobody else would dare to try, like a 10-mile run with the first mile at 4-minutes. Sprint an ALL-OUT quarter mile midway through a workout. Challenge the limits!!!!!!

I did that THREE times in my running life. THREE different times I changed to a different reality and it was amazing. Only once in a race; Mt. Sac XC 4-mile race in 16:08. That one is still on the wall of records at Mt. Sac.

I averaged 25-35 miles a day for over 7-years to reach the top of the distance running world. Now people say doing such a thing is impossible. They say you will be hurt if you run that much. People BELIEVE them and so when they attempt to just run, they get hurt. KNOWING you will get hurt allows injury to happen. If you didn't know or instead if you KNEW you would not be hurt, you would not suffer injury running extreme miles.

When you keep track of milage you build a box around your running; You create a REALITY of how many miles you CAN run. You assume those miles will equate to something special. They won't! Think of miles as the "Wax on Wax off" of running. They are the price you have to pay for running well in the spring. Pay your dues; OVERPAY your dues; But don't count them. It defeats the purpose.

You can buy the book, ($90!) but why not just look him up on Facebook? Gerry is of very few Americans to take down Steve Prefontaine and remains one of the most incredible American distance runners ever!

As for Lindgren's potential: Following his '65 freshman year he ran
27:11.6 for 6M, finishing one-tenth behind Billy Mills; both shared the
World Record, when it was faster than the existing 10K WR based on
conversions. It was his only Collegiate Record at the distance. At 10K,
he twice set CRs, getting down to 28:40.2 in '67. At 3M, he set a pair of
CRs, with a best of 12:53.0 in '66. This mark was only 0.6 seconds short
of Ron Clarke's 3M WR, and at a time when both were faster than Kip Keino's
WR 13:24.2 for 5K, and inferior performance on conversion. The 12:53.0 was
faster than Prefontaine ever ran as a collegian, even considering
conversions. In the 5K, he set a pair of CRs, with a best of 13:33.8 in
'68. And throw a 3000 CR of 7:58.0 in '65 on top of that.
-Some notes on Gerry Lindgren John Molvar

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