Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anatabloc Testimonial

I love the plyometric drills! More on Anatabloc here.

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  1. Beneficial anatabine results reported by people who have tried CigRx and or Anatabloc.
    They have been collected from the Star Scientific Yahoo message board,
    from respective facebook pages or submitted to me via email.
    Email submitters are kept confidential
    I'm sure it's not the complete list but it's my best effort since early March

    ADD relief
    aches and pains usually associated with aging
    adhesive capsulitis in the glenohumeral joint
    age related macular degeneration
    Age spots fade/disappear
    alcohol drinking urge cessation
    allergy relief
    Alzheimer Disease
    anger management aid
    anti depressant
    anti-inflammatory support
    appetite suppressant/controlled
    arthritic knuckles pain relief
    Asthma NF-KB
    Atrial Fibrillation
    attention deficiencies
    autoimmune dermatitis
    auto immune hives
    back pain
    bakers cysts
    bilateral chronic shoulder tendonitis
    blood pressure relief
    BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia
    Breathing Aid
    cancer bladder
    cancer remissions of life-threatening cancers
    canker sores stopped
    cervical arthritis
    cholesterol lowering
    chronic lumbosacral pain
    cold sore swelling stopped
    complexion aid
    concentration support
    Crestor "serious bad reaction" relief
    crohns disease
    CRP lowered
    Curbed my desire for sugar
    Cured my left arm from falling asleep every time I rested it on anything.
    Dermatitis Autoimmune
    dipping cessation
    Disc Extrusion relief
    Dog pain (beware caffeine)
    dream attitude improved
    drug use cessation
    edema relief
    energy enhanced
    eye healing
    eye therapy
    feelings of general overall well-being
    finger nail growth enhanced
    focus better (study, home work)
    food allergies relief
    Foods that I wasn’t too fond of now taste better and I eat better but I don’t over eat.
    foot callous and inflammation relief
    gum health
    hair grows faster
    hangover remedy
    hay fever symptoms have disappeared
    healthy eating support
    hearing improved from meniere's disease
    heart attack prevention
    hip bursitis pain
    Improved my quality of sleep and my dreams
    inflamation reduced
    Inflamed foot
    inhibits inflammation and the accumulation of amyloid in the brain.
    IBS irritable bowel syndrome
    iron overload cessation (hemachromotsis?)
    joint pain
    knee swelling
    manages CRP and inflammation
    memory improved
    menstrual pains relief
    mental focus
    minor swelling
    nails grow faster
    old ACL repair pain
    osteo arthritis
    osteoarthritis of the neck
    oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin improvement
    premature ejaculation aide
    prescription drug( Oxy) tapering
    panic attacks
    prostate relief
    benign prostatic hyperplasia
    rash cessation
    Reactive Airway Disease
    reduced need for NSAIDS
    Relieves ankle swelling
    Relieves sore muscles after doing yard work.
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    rosacea at bay
    rotator cuff pain relief
    sciatica problems
    sinus relief
    skin bumps, bruises, scraps, cuts, nicks, etc. all heal faster with less irritation
    skin care
    skin lesions/moles
    skin improvement/rejuvenation/youthful
    sleep apnea
    Sleep better
    smell sense improved
    smoking cessation
    Sports injury relief
    STD more controlled
    stress relief
    sugar and sweets desire curbed
    taste sense improved
    teeth sensitivity relief
    thought process is faster
    thyroid fibrosis cessation
    thyroid inflammation
    tingleing sensation reduced/gone
    trigger finger
    toe nail rehab/growth correction
    urge to eat cessation
    varicose veins
    variety of pains
    weight loss
    work out recovery