Saturday, February 5, 2011

Workout Update: Big Week!

The geese were out yesterday!

Seoul Marathon in just 42 days!

Sun: 2 miles with Sumo, then 8 miles

Mon: 2 miles with Sumo, then 7 miles (6:55 per mile ave)

Tues: 2 miles with Sumo, then 3 miles on the treadmill with 5 or 6 two minute repeats at 8%. I haven't run up a hill in weeks!

Wed: We finally got a break in the weather so with temps. in the mid teens after a 2 mile jog with Sumo I laced up my light-weight pair of Brooks Launch and drove to the outdoor, .2 mile track for some 800s. I hit the first one in 3:06, then 3:02, but the next 8 were all 2:55-2:57 for a final average of 2:58 with an average rest of 1:40-1:45. I'm not saying this was easy but compared to some of my other Yasso 800 workouts I would have to say it was. I even had thoughts of tacking on one more sub 3 just so I didn't have to count the first slow one. One mile cool down so 8 miles for the day. The stepped up tempo and long interval workouts must be working!

Thurs: 2 miles with Sumo, then 6 miles easy. Seems like I haven't done an easy distance run in a while so this one felt good.

Lunar New Year and a day off, so I was torn- do I try adding on more sub 7 minute miles or go long (2 hours plus)? Common sense took over and I decided that I've been lacking long runs, so after 3 with Sumo I added on another slow 16 miles. I stopped several times, not really caring about the time on this one. 19 miles total.

Sat: Usually the day following a long one is dedicated to recovery and cross training, but given the slow pace yesterday I decided to see how my legs would feel running a few short miles at marathon pace. After a 2 mile jog with Sumo, I headed to the track again (even though the rice paddy roads are now clear) for a short tempo run. I was shocked to see my GPS average speed hovering just under 6:20 or so though one mile and 12:32 through 2. Feeling OK, I decided to tack on another 2 miles, bringing it home in 24:20- 6:05 pace with the last 2 each under 6.

Totals for the week= 66 miles, 16 miles under 7 min pace, with 7 of those miles under 6 min pace

This week was a big confidence boost, especially those 800s and the 4 miles at 6:05 pace this morning. I've still got some hamstring issues so intend to add some strength training exercises.

Note: Who knows if it makes a difference but I've started taking 200 mg of Co-Q 10 (50 mg in the Cooper Elite Supplement 2 x daily plus 50 mg CoQ10 twice a day. A quick look at the research revealed no benefits with 100 mg per day, however one study out of Japan did report "measurable improvements in performance during exercise and a marked reduction in fatigue after exercise."


  1. This is interesting to me Dave.

    Those Yasso's and the tempos at nearly 6:00 minute miles makes me think that sub 3 will be a snap for you unless your mileage proves to be too low.

    Robert Wildes

  2. Thanks Robert- something wierd though- everything I run on that track or on the artificial turf is faster. Don't know why but 6 min pace is so hard on flat roads. I still need a few long tempos.