Friday, December 31, 2010

Workout Log Dec 26-Jan 1: Running with a Cold!

Sun: 3 miles with dogs (I am watching the neighbor's), then 8 miles. Legs are beat.
Mon: 1.5 miles with the dogs, then 6.5 miles. pm: 3 miles with the dogs.
Tues: 8 miles (coming down with a cold)
Wed: 8 miles
Thurs: 1.5 miles with Sumo, then 6.5 miles. Snow and slippery!
Fri: 14.5 miles on snow covered trail- 2 hr 8 min. Last mile was tough. The good news is other than a little congestion cold symptoms are nearly gone.

Sat: 2 miles with Sumo,then 8.5 miles. All slow. PM: 500 meters swimming, some jump rope.

I was lucky to survive a cold without missing any days- the miles were slow but I got them in. I do have some sort of strange leg discomfort going on- feels like a hamstring, adduction problem that improves once warmed up. Need to be careful because I want to start hitting some tempo stuff soon. Back to cross training workouts!

Total for the week = 71 miles ALL SLOW!

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