Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dave Elger's Workout Log- Oct 31- Nov 6

I can access this trail about 5K from where I live- portions are made with a soft composite material. Out to the very end and back from home is 15 miles.

Sun: 8 miles on the bike, 1,000 meters in the pool (recovery after yesterday's long run

Mon: 2 miles with Sumo, then 8 miles easy. pm: 25 minutes on the bike rollers and 2 another mile jog with Sumo

3 miles with Sumo, then later 3 miles on the treadmill at 6 mph with 8 x 2 min at 8% incline. pm: 2 mile jog with Sumo

Wed: 2 miles with Sumo, then 10 x 800 with 60 seconds recovery. Started out slow but got the ave. down to 3:09. 20 minutes swim.

Thurs: 2 miles with Sumo, then 7 miles easy. pm: 2 miles with the kids

Fri: Relaxing 6 miles. 3 with Sumo, but I just felt like running more.

Sat: 2 miles with Sumo, then 16 miles in 2 hours flat. After the first 2 miles the Garmin 205 indicated an average of 8 minutes per mile. I spent the rest of the workout trying to get that down to 7:30. Overall I felt very strong. Took a couple of short breaks- the longest was around 10 miles I stopped for 5 min to pick up some Coke. The longer I ran, the harder it was to get going again after stopping, but I can't complain- 18 mile day.

Total for the week= 63 miles

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