Sunday, October 31, 2010

Longest Span Between Sub 3 Hour Marathons

36y 4d...Doug Kurtis (12 Mar 1952, USA)
35y175d...Kerry Green (05 Apr 1954, USA)
34y279d...Dave Elger (1953, USA)
34y133d...Don Ritchie (06 Jul 1944, SCO)
34y119d...Mark Lohman (18 Apr 1958, USA)
33y184d...Steve Smythe (18 Mar 1958, GBR)
33y162d...Reno Stirrat (19 Apr 1954, USA)
33y161d...Antonio Arreola (24 Aug 1959,USA)
33y135d...Doug Jacobson (08 Apr 1956, USA)
32y373d...Laurence Olsen (14 Nov 1946, USA)

I finally got around to contacting Ken Young at the Association of Road Racing Statisticians (arrs)

Now if I can only find results from the Whitewater Marathon in 1972 or 73(I recall 2hr 51 min but not which year), I could move up.

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