Friday, October 29, 2010

Dave's Training Log Update Oct 24-30

Sun: 10 mile race
Mon: 3 mile jog
Tues: 3 mile jog, 2 mile jog in the afternoon
Wed: 3 miles with Sumo, then 8 miles. Felt ok
Thurs: 3 miles with Sumo, then 7 miles. PM: 2 miles with the kids. Felt good.
Fri: 2 miles easy with Sumo.
Sat: 2 miles with Sumo, then 17 miles in 2 hr 18 min.

The last 3 weekends I've run a half marathon, 10 mile tempo, and 10 mile race. To break out of that rut today I got in a total of 19 miles. Can't wait to see how I feel tomorrow! Even though I only averaged 8:10 per mile on the GPS, I feel this was a good workout. My first 2 miles were around 9 min pace, the next 1-2 were around 8 min pace, followed by several miles in the 7:30 range. My last mile was 10 min.

Total miles for the week = 62

I don't advise any kind of tempo or interval workouts the week following a long race like that. Normally I just take it as I feel with an objective to keep my weekly total miles from dropping, especially if I have more races on the calendar. The extra miles today put me over 60. If I can keep this going and add an interval workout, watch out!

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