Saturday, August 28, 2010

Workout Update Friday Aug 27

am: 1 mile jog, then back to run 2 quick 800s with 3 min recovery. 2:49, 2:48.
more jogging to total 4 miles. It was nice to finally run something under 5:40 pace. Thinking about doing 4x800 at this pace in the near future, a workout that used to be a staple of mine years ago in Florida. If I recall correctly, I was ready to break 16 minutes when I could do 4x800 under 2:30.

4 mile bike to work

pm: swim 4 x 250 meters
4 mile bike home, then 2 more bike miles to dinner and back.

Total: running 4 miles, bike 12 miles, swim 1000 meters.

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