Thursday, May 27, 2010

Workout Update-May 27

am- 2.5 mile jog with the dogs, then 2 miles hard in 12:18, 1.5 mile cool-down. I started doing this 2 mile loop about a month ago in 14 minutes. It's got a couple of small inclines and today I counted fourteen 90 degree turns. Estimating that I lose about 2 seconds on each I think I'm good for sub 12 minutes on a straight, flat course. I'm sticking to this workout rather than intervals, at least for a while. Maybe till I break 12 minutes or get stuck trying.

Have you ever tuned in to what limits your ability to run faster when you do a hard sustained run or interval workout? It's either going to be oxygen debt or your legs simply won't go any faster. Up until this workout, my wind has been good and my legs have been the problem. Today I finally felt that my breathing was not able to keep up.

I've always subscribed to the theory that when the legs can't go fast enough, it's time for speed or interval work, and likewise if you can't get enough air, more distance seems to be in order. Long run tomorrow, which is always a good idea anyway before vacation, then it's off to China for the long weekend. Who knows what running I'll get in there.

I biked the 2 miles to the track and back in the afternoon for the kids workout but was too beat to run. I had them do a 1 mile time trail and today was the largest turn out yet- 24 kids! By the way, officially it's now the Humphreys Roadrunners Youth Running Club.

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