Thursday, September 24, 2009

Running Without Shoes-Comparison

Watch the dramatic change in running style with and without shoes in the same runner! Some believe this is just one of many factors contributing to the dominance of African distance runners, many of whom reportedly do lots of barefoot running as youngsters.

Before you go off and try to convert to a mid or forefoot strker, read what The Science of Sport has to say.

Why would you want to change your foot landing to begin with? Science has little to offer you in support of this. And so my advice, having read this far (well done!), is to forget about the possibility that you're landing "wrongly", and just let your feet land where, and how they land, and worry about all the other things you can when you run!

If there is one thing you change in your running, don't focus on your footstrike, but rather on WHERE your feet land relative to your body

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