Friday, August 14, 2009

Training Advice from Greg Brock

"It's not one size fits all. That's one of the problems we have is that people get hung up one type of training and everyone (if forced to) fit the mold and it doesn't work that way."

"One problem with doing too much distance is that at a certain point, you deaden some of the sprint fibers and you lose your ability to sprint,"

-Greg Brock (5th in the 72 Olympic Trials Marathon and currently coach at Santa Cruz High School)

Brock coaches Maggie Vessey, American 800 meter hopeful preparing for next week's World Championships who ran 1:57 earlier this year in Monaco.

Read more about Brock's Connector Workout- alternating fast and slow 200s. In other words, quick 200 repeats with a very active 200 recovery. (source:

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