Monday, June 29, 2009

Running Intervals- Rodgers vs Shorter

Bill Rodgers 4-time winner of Boston and NY marathons

other runners would be beating the hell out of themselves, and Bill would be at the back of the pack. Bill did his homework. He had the capability to run over 175 miles a week if he needed to, but wouldn't completely thrash himself in track workouts like some people.

Frank Shorter, Olympic gold medal, 1972 Olympic marathon, silver in 1976

Shorter ran his intervals hard from the first repeat; there was no easing into a hard session, or saving himself for the last 400. His recovery between each repeat was short and quick. Shorter would finish his interval sessions exhausted, feeling like he could not do another repeat.

-Running with the Legends

MY COMMENT: Very interesting contrast between 2 great marathoners in this insightful book. Apparently Rodgers did more longer repeats, while Shorter focused more on 400s. Shorter also appeared to carry on a hard easy schedule to a greater extreme than Rodgers. I always found it very tough to include intervals on top of very high weekly milege, but that might be one difference between mere mortals and special athletes such as these 2.

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