Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Interval Workout- 10 x 800

Recall the 4 ways to continue challenging yourself with intervals:

1. Increase the number of intervals
2. Increase the length of each interval
3. Decrease the recovery
4. Run them faster

Recall last week I ran 6 x 800 on the Robin Hill loop and hit a few under 2:50. I followed that workout up a few days later with 10 x 400 on a flat straight trail and hit some under 80.

Today I upped the number of 800s to 10, with no intention of running them as fast as last week.

1. 2:58
2. 2:56
3. 2:54
4. 2:52
5. 2:55
6. 2:55
7. 2:55
8. 2:55
9. 2:56

Not a bad workout, but not great. When I am having a good day, the times usually continue to drop progressively. Today I was steady but would have been pressed to run much faster. The cool-down was a struggle, and I always see that as a sign that I wasn't quite rested or not just not fit enough for this workout. The good news is that I didn't go the other way and run the last 5 progressively slower.

Easy running tomorrow!

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