Saturday, May 9, 2009

Marathon Training Tip

The truth is that pace, not training mileage, is the crucial element to success in marathons. -George Sheehan in Better Runs 25 Years' Worth of Lessons For Running Faster and Farther by Joe Henderson.

MY COMMENT: George reportedly ran just over 3 hours at 61 years of age on 30 miles a week- 3 x 10 mile runs. It turns out he was a very gifted runner as well as writer and speaker. Preparation for a marathon requires a balance of quantity and quality, and that may vary with every individual. Certainly age plays a role- rest and recovery is much more important after 40 and especially after 50. Perhaps weekly miles are more important for younger runners that recover faster, and older runners that require additional rest should focus more on tempo miles per week. All I know is that now (after 50)I need very good rest prior to a good workout.

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