Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Training Update-Mar 17

Haven't been posting my workouts regularly-I'll get back into that habit once I figure out exactly what I am training for. I feel completely recovered from Napa and have somehow gotten into a groove of hitting some very hard 7 mile tempo workouts. I jog a mile with the dog, then head out the 1 mile boring stretch to the Oly Discovery Trail. I've done several workouts to the right, running 3 miles over the Railroad Bridge (pictured left), turnaround, and run back hard to the road, jogging the last mile home. It' a one hour workout. Today I went left and did the same out and back workout. According to the GPS, I hit 4 miles in 27:30, but unfortunately the same distance back was only about 3.8. Who knew?

No long runs yet but these shorter tempos are great. Two days ago after 2 miles with Sumo, I ran hard for 1 mile to the trail, then did my 800 meter stretch and back, hitting both in 3:00 or under. That was a good workout.

I am leaning towards a June 7 marathon here (North Olympic Discovery Marathon). I'll make that decision final after a couple of 2 hour plus weekend runs.

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