Saturday, February 7, 2009

Marathon Training Update- Sat Feb 6

am: 1 mile jog with Sumo, then 8 x 800, 2:57 ave on trail. Not a bad workout coming off a cold. Did not feel very efficient, and I finally started to tax my cardiovascular system hard on the last one.

total= 5 miles
total for the week = 55 miles

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  1. Good work out. I think that if you think positive after being ill then you willrun well. I have been doing some mental training. Relaxation. Visualisation and Affirmation. It is a good way of remaining positive and relaxing during an event as you have rehearsed the process in your mind prior to the event. I have also taken your advice and cranked up the mileage. 20k per day. Hill and miles is the title of this 4 week block. The previous one was speed and racing. I feel that you can only concentrate on a couple of things at most in each periodised phase.