Thursday, December 11, 2008

Upper Body Work for Runners-Keep it Simple

While I am not sure that upper body strength has anything to do with your ability to run a marathon or 5K, unless you bulk up it certainly can't hurt. I do know that everybody, non runners included, should be doing some sort of resistance exercise on a regular basis.

As a runner, in order for me to stick to a regular strength program it has to be simple, quick, and convenient. My equipment includes dumbbells, tubing, ankle weights, and an exercise ball. About the only piece I would like that I am missing is a pull-up bar.

My exercises include:

overhead press
upward rows
bicycle routine (ab work on the floor)
back extension
hindu squats
side leg raises

Get into the habit of spending a few minutes doing 2-3 of these on a daily basis, with something different each time.

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