Saturday, December 13, 2008

High Mileage Experiment

How many miles do you run on a weekly basis? Somebody asked me that the other day, and to be honest I don't really count.

How many miles CAN I run in a week at 55 years of age? Other than still feeling the effects of a cold, running is getting back to normal. Last night I did 50 minutes at a reasonable pace, and this morning I did 13 miles.

I was out enjoying my first long run since Seattle, and about 6 miles from home my phone rang- I was supposed to be at school teaching, a job I signed up for last week that I forgot about. I ran back as fast as I could, hitching a ride the last 2 miles. Hard workout!

I'll take an easy one tomorrow, then starting Sunday I am going to see how many miles I can do in 7 days, with a 70 mile target. I plan to keep the pace sensible with nothing longer than 14 miles at a time.

The other day I tweaked something in my left foot- I feel a sharp pain if I move it wrong but doesn't seem to bother me running in my heaviest, sturdiest pair of old Adidas. I've been using my new electrical stim unit on it- who knows?

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