Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Interview with Brian Sell

"Going in to a race like the Olympics, you hope everything goes well, and that you have the best segment you ever had. That didn't happen for me, right out of the gate. I did a 2x4mile workout where I was supposed to run 4:50's for the first one and "go" on the second one. I barely hit 19:30 for the first one and ran about 21 minutes for the second. That kind of started things out on a sour note

We did our usual 2x6 mile in Florida, where I have run 28:43, 28:14 in the past, and I ran 29:50, 29:15 or so. The pace was relaxed for the heat (it was about 95 and 95% humidity) and also because where I was doing workouts at 4:45 pace in the past, I was only able to hit 4:55-5:00 this time around. -the Cassidy Feed

MY COMMENT: So much for peaking when it counts. For one reason or another Brian just could not get it together like he did for the Trials.

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