Thursday, November 27, 2008

Avoid Wearing Bright Colors in Your Next Marathon

As NCAA favorites, Oregon, which has not lost a race in two seasons, made the strategic decision to wear black uniforms, instead of their usual bright yellow gear, so other teams wouldn’t be able to key off them.

“When you have a target on your back all year, and you have these great big yellow shirts, we thought it might be a good idea for us to change it up a little bit,” Lananna said. “I don’t know if it worked or not, but we won.”
-Vin Lanana, Oregon coach commenting after their NCAA cross country victory

MY COMMENT: Having well over 1,000 races under my belt, I've been practicing this for years. If you are a competititve runner, don't go out of your way to draw attention or look pretty. Lanana is right- bright colors are easy to pick out and key on from a long distance, and at least for me beating the best dressed runners may be slightly more satisfying.

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