Thursday, October 23, 2008

Very Tough Workout by Galen Rupp

The 30-40 consists of this: Run the first half of a 400-meter lap in 40 seconds, the second half in 30 seconds. And repeat, as often as you can stand to do it. It requires repeatedly pushing into anaerobic territory, recovering slightly and doing it again.

"The record was five miles, by Steve Prefontaine," said Alberto Salazar, Rupp's coach and a former Oregon star. "I think the furthest I ever made it was four miles."

Running at the Nike campus track Saturday morning, with the leaves swept out of Lane 1, Rupp pushed through one of the toughest track workouts of his career, speeding up and slowing down over and over -- for 24 laps. That's six miles, completed in 27 minutes, 57 seconds.

MY COMMENTS: This is pretty amazing when you consider he broke 28 min for 6 miles running half of the 200s in 40.

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