Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Personal Marathon Training Update

My training ground- Robin Hill Park-about 2 miles from my place- has beautifully groomed trails like these- the picture on the left is Olympic Discovery Trail where I do my 800 meter repeats and long runs. A 1 mile jog to the trail, which runs about 30 miles in length, is great if you don't mind out and back. I love the fact that blackberries are plentiful along the trail!

I am currently in the middle of preparing for the Seattle Marathon Nov 30- based on the reviews I read in, Seattle is not my first choice for a race but the schedule is perfect timing and Seattle is just a short drive away. Weather could be a big factor, along with hills

I am putting more effort into my preparation for this one than my 5 other 2008 marathons- spending more time on pavement allows for a quicker training pace. Last week I had 2 days of 17-18 miles,with a 3rd at 14-15. Yesterday I finally got around to my 800s, feeling pretty good with 6. I am also getting in an hour on the bike on easy run days. I am even stretching some at night!

One problem- I am missing hills here in Sequim- I don't like the idea of driving to workouts to find them. Today I did 3 x 60 sec of uphill trail in gorgeous Robin Hill Park- if I do them frequently enough that will have to do. I am nursing some slight discomfort in my left achilles so have to watch it anyway on hills.

It's no secret that I want to break 3 hours- last year 2 hr 27 was the winning time at Seattle and 40 or so were under 3 so I have to believe it's reasonably fast unless we get some nasty weather.

Note: Mark down June 7 on your calendar -The Olympic Discovey Trail serves as the route for the North Olympic Discovery Marathon- Sequim to Port Angeles. The reviews of runners who have done this race rate it as one of the best!

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