Thursday, June 19, 2008

Arch Supports, High Heels, Prolonged Squatting, and Body Weight Contribute to Knee Osteoarthritis

ARCH SUPPORTS: Not everybody benefits from arch supports. This study found increased varus torque on the knees of subjects wearing arch supports compared to controls (I am curious how or if foot type plays a role in this since medial support is always recommended for flat, collapsing arches).

- Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

This study found a decrease in knee stress in subjects with knee osteoarthritis who used a lateral wedged insole (outside of foot)while walking.

Finally, this summary from Biomechanics reviews other factors that contribute to knee osteoarthritis

-High heels increase knee varus torque by 23%

-Hip abduction strength (side leg raises) may help decrease knee torque and should be considered as a good preventive exercise

-Chinese women that routinely squat for long periods have a higher incidence of knee osteoarthritis

-Obesity is correlated to knee osteoarthritis

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